Is your body, mind or spirit speaking to you? Are you becoming aware of your self requesting a shift?  (whether it is weight loss, eating cleaner, feeling better, becoming more embodied, connecting to the breath, calming the mind,  or clearing up what keeps you from optimal wellness, or quiets your intuition) an integrative focus is one that looks at all areas of wellness whether it be emotional, physical, nutritional, mental, social or spiritual. Let's meet and walk together on your uprising and wellness goals. The walk away is a specific plan and recording tailored to you that can include: diet, supplementation, herbalism, essential oils, stress management, movement, intuitive images, guidance, sustainability, adapting practices and creativity resources.

Quick Adaptation Tune-Up

We can get really up close and personal with stories, narratives, and beliefs that we may have received, bought into, or created; it can be helpful to receive intuitive connection delivered with an empathetic perspective and vivid imagery. This reading is intended for those looking for a quick recalibration to connect back to their sovereignty. The reading can be delivered via email (stream of conscious writing), video (Zoom) or phone call. (~30 minutes)


In Depth Adapting

This reading is for those looking to connect back into their authenticity while receiving intuitive guidance that has been nudging and calling. This is the perfect place to start the conversation on your adaptation. The reading can be delivered via email (stream of conscious writing), video (Zoom) or phone call. (~1 hour)


Supportive Offerings

Tea Blends

Hand crafted blend of herbs, roots, and spices. You can choose from a tea blend for: immune support, relaxation, energy, stress support or an individualized blend suited to your needs.

<< $9-17>>

Essential Oil Blends

Hand crafted essential oil blend made from therapeutic grade oils. Several choices are available: immune support, relaxation, re-centering, sensuality, self love, confidence and sleep. A individualized blend specific to your needs is also available per request. Available in 5ml or 15ml bottles.

<< $20-47>>

Bath Bombs

Hand crafted bath bomb to help stimulate and inspire your body’s natural healing abilities. Herbs, flowers, and spices are used to help reconnect you to your body. There are several types available: relaxation, immune support,  sensuality, energize, muscle relief, uplifting, self love, detoxification, black of night and sea bound. Two sizes are available.


Specialized Products

I make elixirs, meals and food products that are deeply based in our healing. If these come up in a session or per a request we will discuss the quantity, purpose and cost.


Often crystals will make their ways into sessions. If you are having trouble locating ones that came through I am happy to aid you on your journey with any. Prices dependent on the crystal and size.

>>>To book a session or request a product please email me at I will be in touch within the day and we will get you on the calendar or your products on their way.