There wasn’t one magical moment where it all clicked into place; where I realized that I was intuitive, deeply connected and here to help others become the healthiest versions of themselves (in all senses of wellness).

I have always sought connection: connecting to the soil, people, cities, art, stories, the woods, water, breathing and movement. Somewhere along those magical moments of connection, I also lost myself. The same way you would leave a marshmallow trail in the woods to find your way back to the beginning, I dropped pieces of myself along my path. It was gradual; not painting when it called to me, eating fast and nutritionally depleted foods, being in unfulfilling relationships, not speaking my truth, forgetting to move my body, relying on quick fixes or band-aid approaches, disregarding my intuitive knowing, quieting my voice, creating excuses about my worth and deservingness and accepting status quo or less than that just because. I became well practiced at living on the surface, faking it and appearing fulfilled all the while my soul, body and knowing were screaming out. There is only so long that one can exist in such a state before the pressure builds and the eruption begins.

Just as there was no specific moment I can recall when I remembered my worthiness and knowing. There is equally no one distinct moment when I remembered to stop accepting my role in surface living. They were both in a synchronistic dance, a matter of small steps moving this way and that. The dance looked like choosing moments of unawareness only to gain awareness and clarity of my true desires only to choose again. Sometimes this dance involved more moments of surface and lost awareness and other times it favored awareness and my truth. I kept inching myself forward with each choice, with each awareness, with every moment I chose to commit to rising my root.  

 All the while I was formally dedicating my career and education to health, wellness, and conscious living. I have a master’s degree in public health, and an undergraduate degree in health and wellness both concentrating in nutrition.  I continued to focus my career on using food as a catalyst towards wellness and have furthered my understanding by becoming a certified health coach, master herbalist, and personal chef. Alongside the academic journey I learned how to adapt to being a single mom. I learned to uprise from drama-trauma filled relationships. I leaned into being part of institutional work and how to honor my spirit-soul craving and to walk towards creativity. I learned to leap. I cultivated and learned to appreciate and trust my intuition. Basically, I maintained (and still maintain) a relationship to adapting to uprising in all of forms.


My formal training has led me to understand the multitude of ways that I can help give you back the tools to support wellness through fully claiming, inhabiting and healing our bodies by feeding them healthy foods, moving, challenging and working within our emotional, spiritual and mental realms. My non-formal real life training has led me to understand the hidden messages and intuitive downloads that also target the ways we ground into our bodies, the ancestral wisdom we all carry, and how we are all peeling the layers of who we are in this moment along with climbing the stairs of adapting to the constant request to rise.

If you are adapting to life (who isn’t?!) and you feel you could use some support I would love to sit with you. It is an honor and blessing to be able to channel guidance, aid in tangible healing modalities and resources, and be of service to those who are willing to participate in their highest uprising.